Thursday, June 7, 2012

Crunch Time

Hello Everyone,

     Sorry that I’ve been quiet as of late, I’ve been keeping busy writing the third Sebastian book. It’s getting to be crunch time with the deadline for the first draft due on July 1st. I’ve still got a bit to go, but if I can keep up my pace, I should be able to finish it just in time (as usual) (I believe I turned in the first draft for Agents of the Reaper the day before it was due). I am pretty happy with how Sebastian three is turning out so far. I was having trouble coming up with a title that would be representative of the book, but it finally came to me earlier this week. I’ll probably wait to make that announcement until I'm sure it won’t change. It feels good to be tying up all the loose ends that were left open in the end of book two and bringing the series some closure. There are some really exciting sequences I’ve written over the last week I know you’ll enjoy, I can’t wait for you to read them. Beyond the action, I’ve also intertwined some interesting backstory with events that happened before the first book took place. I know thus far some of the villains have seemed perhaps a little one-dimensional. Really it’s because I haven’t taken the time to talk about their past. In the new book we get some insight into how and why a couple of the ‘bad guys’ have turned out the way that they are. It’s nice to get some origin story for some key characters. I feel like the spirit realm is a very rich tapestry, and I love adding more to its history and mythos. To me the first two books have very different feels, and if I were to compare the third, I would say it is more like the first, but with faster pacing and more action. Speaking of action, it’s looking like the last three chapters of this book are going to be straight action. This should make all of you adrenaline junkies happy. A lot of stuff goes down; some big characters are going to get killed off… hopefully none of your favorites (though I can’t guarantee anything). It’s exciting to be concluding the trilogy; the nostalgia is already starting to hit me as I write. I know I’ll miss the spirit world a lot when I move on to something else. Though there will be closure for Sebastian’s journey, there might just be enough loose ends left open to warrant another book later in the future, should I ever decide to return to it. But for now I am going to enjoy it as the finale of a trilogy that has been an absolute pleasure to write. I’ll keep you updated on the book’s progress.

Take care,