Saturday, September 22, 2012

The First Day of Fall

Today my calendar says it’s the first day of fall; I’m happy about that, autumn is my favorite time of year. But looking back, I have to say that this summer was pretty great. It flew by, as I stayed busy with a number of excellent projects.

Editing for my third Sebastian and the Afterlife book began (which I’m happy to get started).  I have already put in a bit of work on that; my chief editor and I will be buried in editing for the next couple of months. 

What really stuck out this summer is all of the film-work I got to be involved with.

In the beginning of August I did some extra work in a feature film called ‘The Spectacular Now’, starring some young Hollywood up and comers you’ve likely seen on TV and other films. It was a high school dramedy (drama-comedy) filming here in Athens. I got to be a pedestrian that walked by in a number of shots filmed outside of a clothing store. If the scene stays in the movie, you should be sure to see me this one particular time that I cross the street about twenty or so feet behind a couple of the lead actors as they are delivering some heartfelt dialogue. It will be coming out sometime in 2013.

The week following that, I found myself outside of Chattanooga, TN, in a little horror movie called ‘The Hospital’. This was a fun shoot, and my wife actually got to be in the film with me.  We were diner patrons at this little restaurant called the Dixie Freeze. It was basically that classic scene where the young college kid comes to the small town and says that they plan to go to the old ___(insert creepy location here)___  (in this case it was the old abandoned hospital … oh, did I mention that it was haunted?). At this point all of the town’s folk warn her not to go there, but the visitor doesn’t listen… of course. My mind kept going back to the old crazy guy in the 1980’s Friday the 13th movies telling the kids “you’re all doomed!” The diner was small, and there were only a small number of us in the scene, so you’ll definitely notice me. The movie will be in film festivals by the spring of 2013, but from what I understand, it is not for the faint of heart.

Right at the beginning of September I was very excited to get a chance to play a ‘Crawly Demon’ in the horror-comedy film Hell Hole. I had a big costume/makeup job from head to toe to make me look like this terrible monster… it was awesome. Everyone loved the character… a number of people were taking pictures of me and with me. I kinda felt like a rock star on set. I had a number of great scenes where I brought my monster swagger and attacked people. I eat one guy, attack another, attack an officer, get beat up by one of the lead girls, and attack the leading men. It was all part of a day’s work for your local hell monster. The scenes I was in were both scary and hilarious. You should keep an eye out for this film in 2013.

On another movie note: my picture will be appearing in a short film currently titled ‘Masked’.  The image will appear in some mug shots of ‘The FBI’s 10 Most Wanted’. I’ll be looking forward to that. I believe it’s a horror-thriller, but seeing a mug shot of me as a serious villain is going to be pretty amusing. The movie is in pre-production right now, I’m sure they’ll be trying to have it done in time to enter film festivals early next year.

I was supposed to be playing a role in a horror movie called Deathwoods, but filming got delayed. I will probably be a part of that very soon. 

If you're curious about any of the films I mentioned, (with the exception of the short film 'Masked') they are all already all on 

So it’s been a pretty insane summer… but it’s been insane good. Now that it’s done, I can’t wait to see what the fall is going to bring. I hope your summer was nice as well.

Take care; and I’ll talk to you again soon,