Friday, February 10, 2012

Immortal Web Surfers

                I wonder what kind of strange immortal creatures might happen upon my blog late at night.  There are so many possibilities. A dark wizard could be browsing the web after chanting a mystical spell to protect his computer from viruses, a vampire could be on the way to order some
O-negative blood online, maybe the Flying Dutchman has Wi-Fi, and there might actually be ghosts in the internet.  I could even get some other magical beings like writers, artists, musicians or actors; maybe architects, scientists or parents.  Okay, admittedly the list is starting to get less interesting, but it is still filled with fascinating immortal beings; individuals that can potentially cheat death and live on beyond their mortal time.
                I used to have a bit of a hang up about my journey to immortality.  A few years ago it had gotten to a point where I felt I couldn’t relax for a moment until I had ‘left my mark on the world’. Whatever I was to be known for, my artistic work would live on long after my days were done… I would join the ranks of the immortals.  I wouldn’t be coming back to bite you on the neck, but I would be there speaking to you through the pages you were turning. (my first published book was even about ghosts… is that telling?) 
                The drive someone finds to follow a passion can be steeped in a lot of things; for
example – proving oneself, feelings of obligation, fear, or more specific in my case, fear of mortality.  But I had to let all of that go to find peace.  A passion should be just that… a passion.  Shouldn’t that be at the core of why we bother with it at all? That and the joy and enlightenment it brings others?
                One day you and I might join the ranks of immortals, and it’s unlikely we’ll have to don a black cape in the process. Perhaps we will be gone but our art will continue to do our bidding (whatever ‘art’ that might be). We should strive for our passion, and immortality may follow on its own.  As long as we can live a life doing what we love, we’ll have the last laugh in the end.

Kind regards,
William j Barry

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